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GlobalHealth, Inc. provides health care coverage solutions to thousands of Oklahomans every year. A recurring challenge experienced by GlobalHealth is growing membership among the education sector. Due to stringent regulations related to outreach methods, GlobalHealth needed to identify a creative way to continue to market their services to the education industry.

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Saxum developed the GlobalHealth Inspiration Awards concept in 2011 and continued in the year 2012 to recognize members of the education sector for their contributions to the community. The awards provided a vehicle for GlobalHealth to increase brand awareness among its target audiences and the community, while maintaining regulatory compliance. In each district, members of the education sector were nominated by their communities for being inspirational educators who have influenced the lives of many in a positive way. Within each participating district, the top nominees’ district and the employee selected by the community as most inspirational were honored at a special in-school award ceremony or home football game during the month of October. The winner was awarded $100, the winning school received $1,000 and the district was presented with $3,000.

Saxum had several goals for the GlobalHealth Inspiration Awards. First, Saxum and GlobalHealth wanted to increase the number of GlobalHealth members, particularly among the education sector. Saxum also aimed to develop a strategic plan that enabled GlobalHealth to reach their target audience by encouraging support and participation among the community to honor education employees for their achievements. Through social media, Saxum aimed to leverage the GlobalHealth brand to reach a large audience efficiently, while also continuing to establish GlobalHealth as a social media-savvy brand. In order to help drive the Inspiration Awards, Saxum wanted to leverage an existing reputable spokesperson relationship with Kim Henry during award presentations to help deliver GlobalHealth’s message and bring added credibility to the brand. Lastly, Saxum and GlobalHealth hoped to generate news coverage and information distribution to support the awareness and expertise of GlobalHealth and its partner doctors.

Saxum strategically identified education systems in school districts with many current and untapped GLBH target audiences. In order to communicate the GlobalHealth Inspiration Awards throughout the individual communities, Saxum used several strategic communication methods to create awareness including news media (prior, during and post awards), creative collateral and GlobalHealth paid media to compliment the Inspiration Awards efforts and raise brand awareness. In addition, Saxum developed, assembled and distributed communications kits for each districts’ use that included PA announcements, newsletter, website, flyer, marquees and social media messaging that provided turnkey solutions individualized to each participating district.

Through the use of social media marketing, Saxum developed a platform that involved the community in the GlobalHealth Inspiration Awards to not only increase word-of-mouth and excitement, but used Facebook as the actual vehicle that drove the voting process. All forms of communication directed audiences to the GlobalHealth Facebook Page where the voting process occurred.

Saxum designed creative collateral to assist in an integrated promotion strategy, which included the following:

  • Signage to promote the Awards around campuses
  • Flyers and posters to promote around campus and as take-home promotion for students
  • GlobalHealth banners for winner events
  • Branded balloons, stickers and pencils as give-away items during events
  • Commemorative GlobalHealth branded trophies for winners and runner-up finalists


Saxum’s efforts helped make the GlobalHealth Inspiration Awards a success. In regards to social media, GlobalHealth’s Facebook Page achieved an increase of 330 “Likes” between launching the awards initiative in August and the end of September when voting officially closed. From Aug. 8 through Aug. 29, education employees received 302 total nominations to the GlobalHealth Facebook contest tab. Between, Aug. 30 and Sept. 19, education employees received a total of 1,870 votes through the GlobalHealth Facebook contest tab.

Saxum’s media relations efforts paid off. During the month of August, GlobalHealth received 34 media hits from the release announcing the beginning of the 2012 GlobalHealth Inspiration Awards, back to school immunization tips, summer allergy management tips, and West Nile virus prevention.  This resulted in an estimated audience reach of 295,787+. The month of September saw 18 media hits, resulting in a reach of 59,732+ individuals and featuring a combination of topics that focused on the Inspiration Awards and advice from GlobalHealth regarding head lice. As the award ceremonies took place, the month of October saw 21 media hits with a reach of 81,260+ individuals with stories primarily focused on award winners. Additionally, November held two final media hits locally reporting award winners reaching an audience of 3,248+.

In regards to the success of the GlobalHealth advertising campaign, GlobalHealth ads were placed in 12 news publications within the GlobalHealth target footprint during the span of the Inspiration Awards initiative. GlobalHealth received a total of 62 insertions and 1,672,189 impressions from Sept. 12 through Oct. 25.


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