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Laying the Foundation of Fatherhood

Looking forward to my second Father’s Day, I can’t help but think of all the amazing experiences fatherhood has brought in such a short amount of time. People say it goes by so fast, and it might looking back 20 years later. But, for now, I feel that I can remember each and every day so vividly – the giggles of laughter while spinning in circles, the adorable shakes and wiggles she calls dancing and late nights when she falls asleep in my arms. So good.

This connection I have with my daughter was only made stronger by the opportunity to really connect and contribute during the two weeks after her birth. An opportunity afforded by Saxum’s paternity leave – a generous and family friendly company. It’s estimated that only 17 percent of American employers offer some type of paid paternity leave, while 89 percent of men say it’s important for employers to offer this benefit, according to a 2015 employee benefits study by The Society for Human Resource Management and a Boston College study, respectively.

This Father’s Day, I’ll be spending time with loved ones, and while paternity leave will likely not cross my mind, I am forever grateful for those precious moments spent at home laying the foundation of fatherhood.


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