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Instagram Stories: Color Us Impressed

Whether you’ve jumped on Team Instagram or are standing your ground and remaining loyal to Team Snapchat, it’s hard not to notice the serious advantages that have surfaced with Instagram’s newest Stories feature.

The Design and Integration Kinda Rocks

First, Stories placement in Instagram’s design alone should be attractive for both marketing and personal use. With Instagram’s current algorithm for normal posts, users are served content in the order the platform deems most relevant. In other words, if a user gets too bored of scrolling their feed before they hit your most recent post, they may never see it.

With Stories, consumable content is placed at the very top of a person’s feed and is similarly sorted based on user engagement from Facebook and Instagram. Still worried someone may not see your content? Just like Snapchat, Instagram will automatically roll through all available Stories one after the other if a user doesn’t tap to exit Stories mode. This means, even if someone doesn’t click directly on your Story, they may still be exposed to it without any extra effort on their part.


Anyone Can Contribute

No need to be a videographer or cinematographer (we know you guys and gals are picky about titles), or spend time having a designer to lay out a graphic. Anyone can help contribute content to their business’ Story with the touch of a finger.

The pressure of posting isolated, art gallery-worthy photos is lifted with the Stories feature. Brands can take advantage of this in a variety of ways. For example, showcase your corporate culture – let users see through the eyes of an intern or, better yet, catch a glimpse of the CEO preparing for a big meeting. Let followers get an inside, step-by-step look at a unique process or the development of a certain product. Look for interesting perspectives. We guarantee people will love to watch them.

Don’t Worry If Something Isn’t “On Brand”

Users are constantly auditing posts within their personal Insta-profiles, figuring out which ones stick out from the rest of their archived content and adding more that mimic a “look” they’re going for. A thing many have coined “on brand.” Businesses also audit existing content from a strategy perspective, only posting approved content that speaks to their company’s bigger picture or mission.

What we’re finding so interesting is that the content creation process is evolving. Instagram Stories are allowing for more playfulness and flexibility within a given brand’s presence on the platform. Marketers now have a second outlet for content that isn’t as polished as normal posts, and a timeline that allows them to post as much as they please without overloading a user’s timeline. Coverage of fun, in-the-moment office activities previously reserved for a smaller Snapchat audience can now be broadcasted for 24 hours to all Instagram followers. Some major players (think Nike, Mountain Dew and others) have already seen huge success using the feature.

The Saxum team has also been brainstorming a slew of new content to be showcased only in Instagram Stories (that’s @Saxum for those who don’t currently follow). In other words, try out different things using the Stories feature and see what users respond to. The possibilities are endless.


If we haven’t already convinced you to go ahead and try it, here’s one more: Businesses who are on the edge about hopping on the Snapchat bandwagon and working to aggregate yet another following on another social platform can first experiment with rapid fire content targeted to an audience they’ve already curated.

We could never say goodbye to Snapchat entirely, but Instagram chalked up some serious brownie points in our book for this one.

This post was written by Madison Bryan, digital strategist and Maddie Pace, account executive


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