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Halloween Candy Culture

Evidence-Based Observations of Saxum’s Version of the Office Water Cooler

You might be familiar with “the water cooler” as a gathering place in an office where everything from childhood stories to weird dreams from last night are shared among coworkers. While Saxum has an actual water cooler, over time, members of the Oklahoma City office have come to gather instead around an unassuming taupe-colored box that “secretly” (and magically) houses fun size candy year-round.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, my desk is right in sight of the Candy Box. I began to notice some trends in candy consumption. Like any good, totally Type-A marketer, I didn’t want to draw conclusions without doing a bit of primary research, comparing my coworkers’ perceptions of their candy consumption with reality. All, of course in the spirit of Halloween and some fun!

87% of Saxumites believe we consume 1-2 pounds of candy each week. (To those two respondents who said half a pound… I appreciate your optimism.)
I bought a two-pound bag of fruity candy and a one-pound bag of chocolates on a Friday afternoon. Long story short, we made it through about 3 pounds of candy in about 2.5 business days.

Almost 48% of Saxumites claim they visit the Candy Box once every 24 hours.
This is probably very close to the truth; Saxumites love their candy! 

Based on Saxumites’ responses, the average amount of candy each person believes he/she consumes per week is 4.8 – 5.4 pieces.
Measurement of actual candy consumption over a one-week period suggests it’s really about 6.6 pieces of candy per person per week.

Although this particular topic is light, this is a great example of the value of consumer insights – although Saxumites have certain perceptions about their interaction with the Candy Box, those thoughts don’t always align with our actual behavior. For organizations working hard to meet more serious goals and challenges, the same principles can help bridge the gap between perception and reality.

To me, the most interesting answers to our Candy Box survey came from asking, “What draws you to the Candy Box?” Here, the answers varied greatly. From something sweet after lunch to using it as a mental break or a chance to check in with teammates, our Candy Box serves different purposes for different people. But it does have one universal action: bringing people together.

This post was written by Kaylee Harrington, Account Service Intern


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