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Google grows up: Perspectives on the new logo

See the evolution of Google’s logo throughout the years.

Search engine giant and Silicon Valley icon, Google, revised their logo for the first time in two years on Sept. 1. To examine one of the most widely recognized brands in technology today, three Saxumites offer their unique insights into the logo’s new tweaks, impact and strategy moving forward.

Will Hodges, senior account executive:

I think the clean, bold font and more prominent letter “G” are receiving focused attention, but I’m more interested in the decision behind the logo. This change obviously comes on the heels of Google’s recent restructuring under their new parent company, Alphabet.

This decision actually isn’t a coincidence. Essentially, Google is making a big, traditional corporate move. In Silicon Valley especially, tech companies can appear to age 100 years in half a decade. Refreshing the logo supports sentiments of fresh innovation and non-conventional thinking. Companies can feel pressured to constantly move the envelope since they don’t want to be seen as stodgy or out-of-touch. In some ways, this move positions the company as more fun and “anti-corporate” than other tech giants like Microsoft who have been framed in the not-so-distant past.

Lacey Ferguson, account coordinator:

I like the logo’s overall impression and very subtle tilt on the letter “e.” The feel comes off as retro-vintage, timeless and friendly. Honestly, it’s not extremely different, but the change strikes me as a good one. Clearly Google hopped on the sans-serif design trend, which is always nice to see ­­— and often better in my opinion.

Logan Walcher, designer:

Personally, I like it. The old serif version of the logo always reminded me of the ’90s. The tilted “e” also adds a smidge of charm. In the past, Google has removed heavy shadows and moved away from a fake-3D look and this iteration continues that trend.

This logo also aligns with Google’s material design style, which started on mobile. Since Google has moved from desktop-only browsing to mobile experiences, their user needs have shifted. For example, serif fonts are hard to portray exactly right on mobile. Old fonts could create different problems at certain screen sizes, ­so getting rid of the outdated font is a smart move.

This new change bumps their logo relative to the rest of the world right now. Compared to past versions, this new logo boasts the biggest changes in years. Ultimately, it’s a lot more modern, approachable and friendly. This will be important as they move into projects that intimidate the public ­including self-driving cars and artificial intelligence.


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