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From Best Kept Secret to Known Expert

It may not be as complicated as brain surgery or a heart transplant, but communication is a complex skill that takes years to refine. According to John Nance, professional speaker on patient safety, 75 percent of complaints in malpractice suits are due to a lack of communication. Though medically-trained professionals are infinitely talented in saving lives and making strides in medicine, they can face challenges in marketing their products and services to others.

Set your team up for success by following these fundamentals:

Offer consults
The first step to becoming a recognized brand is to focus on opportunities for education. Identify the areas that your company excels in and the professionals within your company who can speak expertly about the topic. Find opportunities for your experts to share their knowledge with your target audiences, and remember you don’t have to directly promote your product to benefit your company.

Utilize referrals
Another best practice is to use all the available and appropriate skillsets. At Saxum, we use any and all traditional and emerging techniques to best serve our clients, including public relations, creative and digital strategies. We believe blending these tactics is more effective for solving communication problems than any one of them alone. We also know not every tactic is right for every client.

Recognize it’s a long-term treatment plan
Creating or changing a perception of your brand is not an overnight process. It takes an investment of time and resources. Understand that it may take years to reach your ultimate goal of recognition, but set some SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) goals that you can work toward in the meantime to help track your progress.

Schedule regular checkups
When you think of the most valuable brands in the world – Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola – they spend millions of dollars each year on marketing to stay kings of their industry. Though you don’t have to spend millions, you must consistently reinforce your key messages and keep your experts in the forefront to maintain the same level of recognition.

The requirements for shifting from unknown to well-known could be compared to treating a patient; it requires a skilled team dedicated to the task and professionals who know the proper procedure to follow.


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