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Five Ways to Make Your Booth Stand Out in the ‘Sea’ of OTC

You have it all – a stellar location on the convention floor, a great product or service, energized and knowledgeable booth personnel, lots of cool giveaways, and enough food and drink to feed an army ­– just like everyone else.

How do you stand out? Getting visitors to your booth matters, and it’s even better when they stick around for a few minutes. But the real payoff comes when they remember you and follow up.

Here are five tips that will help you provide a memorable, impactful experience for attendees- one that will lead to valuable lasting relationships that extend beyond the few minutes you chat them up at your booth.

  1. Be bold with your brand. You work hard to market your brand and set it apart in your industry. This is your chance to broadcast the values and attributes that make you unique. Showcase your logo prominently and free of clutter, and utilize your color palate and other brand styles throughout your space. Finally, make sure all your giveaways proudly bear your logo and other info.
  1. KISS your guests. We all know the acronym for ‘keep it simple, stupid’. Now’s the time to use it. It’s better for visitors to fully grasp one enticing brand message than to walk away overwhelmed. Stand out from the busy-ness of the trade show floor with a message that is snappy, unique and true. If people are hungry for more information, direct them to your website.
  1. Get techy. Smart exhibitors are already using tablets or touch screens. Why not take it to the next level with augmented reality (AR) to engage your audience and bring your product or service to life before their eyes? For example, AR could take users into a pipeline to see how your pigging service inspects the length of the line, or downhole to illustrate the way your drilling technology helps ‘see’ the path of the drill bit.
  1. Try something “off the wall,” (and in the hands). Get your audience to participate in your booth by highlighting your product or service’s attributes in a hands-on, engaging way and you’ll generate real buzz. If your product claim is strength, have a ’strong man’ demonstration at your booth. If your service boasts accuracy, demonstrate that with a carnival game attendees can play to test their own accuracy.
  1. Be socially active. Incorporate social media into your platform to generate that “wow” factor. Try displaying a live Twitter feed that features an ongoing Q&A between attendees and your team members. Or, incorporate a photo booth and invite attendees to take and caption their own photos, complete with your unique hashtag, then display these photos online and on a big screen.

Kristi DesJarlais, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Saxum Houston


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