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Does it Work?

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Earlier this week, a few Saxumites and I met with a prospective client to go over a campaign we were pitching to them. About halfway through the presentation, the prospective client said, “This is all great, but does it work”?

It was a great question. At that moment in the presentation, we were talking specifically about the social engagement portion of the campaign. He went on to say that he doesn’t value “likes” or “impressions” like some other agencies have used as proof that their campaign ‘worked.’ No, he was looking for more than that. He values measuring whether collectively a campaign accomplishes its objectives and how. As I shared with him during our meeting, I believe there are four aspects to answering this question:

  1. Feeling: We all have a feeling whether our strategies actually work for our clients. It is informed by our experience, empirical results and feedback. Our “feeling” is generally right in judging success or failure but as we all know, feeling isn’t measurable.
  2. Analysis: The analysis of a strategy can be infinitely measured online – adding likes, shares, engagements, impressions, etc. However, it may not answer “Did it work?” This is why we always ask our clients what success looks like for them. Then, everything we do is tied back to this metric. Analysis is measurable, but may not provide the real value.
  3. Quantitative Proof: If you are measuring trust, then you likely need a statistically significant sample size of the audience pre- and post-campaign. This costs money, but is a valuable gauge of ‘Did it work”.
  4. Outcome: Look at the behavior you wanted to achieve – getting a bill passed, securing a license to operate, removing an obstacle, etc. Outcome is the best scorecard – win or lose.

Each of the four has advantages and disadvantages. The more we ask “Will it work?” at the beginning the better chance we have to say “yes” at the end.


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