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Digital Social Culture

We’ve all heard it, ironically on social media, “Oh no, I don’t use social media, I try to enjoy the moment.”  As digital culture soars and its shadow slowly swallows social norms, is our society becoming numb to real moments?

Admittedly, it is a bit unnerving coming across a group of friends doused in silence with their noses in their phones, but if you dive a little deeper, chances are they’re checking out the same article/video/post. If you watch them even longer you’ll notice they begin to gasp, laugh, react and boom a discussion is born. So did the internet just take away from their authentic social banter or did it enhance a conversation? The wild World Wide Web acts as a supplement to our lives today. While we still meet up with friends, spend cozy moments with family as humans have always done we, now, get to share the moment and we have more tools to better the moment. We might even be more motivated to HAVE the moment.

The advent of social media revealed we really, really love talking about ourselves and though this might agitate the cynic, there is a positive byproduct. We want people to know we are fun, we are adventurous, we are intelligent or whatever reputation it is that we want to create for ourselves. We will go out, do it, capture it and share it. Is this a front? Not in the least, in a way the expectations of our digital persona spur us to do things we have always wanted to. And with anything and everything, balance is key. Too much of something is never good, but a healthy harmony of both worlds doesn’t hurt our growth as humanity.


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