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If producing ideas is a component of your job, at some point you’ll probably find yourself feeling a little rundown in the creative department. Maybe you’ve been leaning on your colleagues more than usual during brainstorm sessions. Maybe you’ve been delaying the start of a white paper or opinion piece. Or perhaps a big deadline is looming that hinges on a killer idea that you’re expected to deliver.

How do you unlock your creative block? Here are a half-dozen recommendations – let’s call them “idea-mins” – to try. These supplements are regularly used by a diverse group of recently surveyed professionals; all of them are required to produce ongoing creativity in their workplaces.

Idea-min A: Allow your mind and your computer mouse to go places that are unrelated to your current project. Submit to those alluring wormholes on the internet, and sink in to what you find interesting. Give yourself permission to look at art, read blogs, watch videos or listen to music.

Idea-min D: Daydream. Unfocus for a few minutes. Practice boundary-free musing. People who zone out and fantasize score higher on tests for creativity.

Idea-min M: Find inspiration at a Museum. The collection doesn’t matter. Make it your goal to find a relationship between what you’re working on and the curated experience.

Idea-min O: Get Outside. Take a walk, kick back on a park bench, row a boat or simply sit by a bubbling fountain. Our survey group felt that sunshine (the real Vitamin D) was an important factor.

Idea-min R: Read non-fiction that intrigues you. One copywriter peruses her cookbooks when she’s feeling stuck. Another professional turns to his collection of history books for ideas on how Winston Churchill, Alexander the Great and Sun Tzu approached their problems. Someone regularly thumbs through a worn 1982 edition of Roget’s Thesaurus for inspiration. That would be me.

Idea-min T: Get into Touch. Wrap yarn into a ball. Build a tower with LEGOs. Pet your pet. Fingerpaint. Scrub something. The simple act of using your hands to accomplish a task will allow your mind to wander. And wonder.

Everyone is different. It’s up to you to find the right idea-mins to supplement your minimum daily requirement of creativity. And as with any other malady, know when to seek professional help. “I’m not shy about tapping my network for input,” said the cookbook-collecting copywriter. “We all need a booster shot once in a while.”

Looking for more information on supplementing creativity? Read this Fast Company article, and then call us in the morning:

By Teresa Henderson, Senior Vice President, Client Development


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