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10 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a marketer – so many screens, so many opportunities to tell a brand’s story. Here are 10  marketing trends to watch for in 2016: Influencer Marketing – Beyond a traditional celebrity endorsement, consumers are looking at non-celebrity influentials (particularly on YouTube) to help make purchasing decisions.…
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AUTHOR Amy Blackburn CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Marketing, Tips and Tricks
Giving Tuesday

Making the most of #GivingTuesday and the holiday season

How nonprofits can maximize community support during the most charitable time of the year With the holiday season officially underway and #GivingTuesday upon us, it is easy for nonprofits to get caught up in the moment and forgo best practices when it comes to maximizing community support. While this time of the year elicits goodwill…
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AUTHOR Jenifer McAbee CATEGORY Philanthropy, Tips and Tricks
4 Habits to Share Smarter Content | Saxum

Share Smarter Content: 4 Lifesaving Habits to Build a Valuable Following

“I can’t produce content that consistently engages and doesn’t all sound the same!” cries your company’s appointed blogger, frustration steadily building. She’s not alone. Sixty-percent of business-to-business content marketers struggle to produce engaging content to promote their business. Another cite producing a variety of content as their top challenge. Don’t despair — there’s still hope…
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AUTHOR Matt Woods CATEGORY Digital, Tips and Tricks
Healthcare Reputation Online

Healing your Online Reputation

Neophobia – the fear of anything new. Sometimes I wonder if health care practitioners able to diagnose neophobia also suffer from it when it comes to online brand engagement. The mantra of many is that they don’t need to worry about their online reputation because what they’ve been doing to attract new patients has always worked…
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AUTHOR Rachel Hinderman CATEGORY Health, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks
4 Resume Mistakes

4 Resume-Killing Mistakes and How to Dodge Them

Internships provide a concentrated experience, a networking launch-pad and a litmus test to determine whether you actually love the career you think you want. Here’s the problem: new applicants are flanked on every side by 99 seemingly identical candidates clutching their resumes in-hand and sprinting to steal your dream position. Claim your spot as a…
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AUTHOR Matt Woods CATEGORY Tips and Tricks

Marketing Tips for [insert any] Awareness Month

When is the last time you read a New York Times headline touting “Happy Fruit & Veggies Month?” Not ringing a bell? You may be surprised to learn that there’s a national health observance called “Fruits & Veggies – More Matters Month” with its own official toolkit on the U.S. Department of Health & Human…
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AUTHOR Lindsay Vidrine CATEGORY Consumer, PR, Tips and Tricks

Creativity Vitamins

If producing ideas is a component of your job, at some point you’ll probably find yourself feeling a little rundown in the creative department. Maybe you’ve been leaning on your colleagues more than usual during brainstorm sessions. Maybe you’ve been delaying the start of a white paper or opinion piece. Or perhaps a big deadline…
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AUTHOR Teresa Henderson CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Team, Tips and Tricks

Three Simple Rules to Guide Your Website

When you Google “why it’s important to have,” the suggested search copy lists: 1) “friends” and 2) “a website.” Google tells us what we already know: it’s important to have friends and it’s important to have a website. Furthermore, organizations make friends by inviting them to visit online. While some organizations and many small businesses…
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AUTHOR Charity Jernigan CATEGORY Consumer, Digital, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks

Try Telling Your Story with Video

Video is versatile, flexible, vibrant and attention-grabbing. It’s cost-effective and it gets results. Does your marketing communications mix draw your audiences in by utilizing the power of video? Enjoy these clips from from Saxum’s archive of award-winning video campaigns. See how video draws you – the viewer – in, keeps your attention and tells a…
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AUTHOR Grant Zellner, Zane Rader CATEGORY Consumer, Creative, Digital, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks