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Does it Work?

Earlier this week, a few Saxumites and I met with a prospective client to go over a campaign we were pitching to them. About halfway through the presentation, the prospective client said, “This is all great, but does it work”? It was a great question. At that moment in the presentation, we were talking specifically…
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AUTHOR Lindsay Laird CATEGORY Advertising, Digital, Industry Expertise, Marketing, Tips and Tricks
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4 Marketing Tips for Every Entrepreneur

As a third-generation entrepreneur, I’m inspired by the “do-ers.” The people who take an idea or dream and then make it a reality. From my grandparents’ café, to my grandmother’s bridal boutique, to my parents’ watch and jewelry store to the lawn and landscaping business I own with my husband – all entrepreneurial businesses require…
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AUTHOR Jenifer McAbee CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Lithos, Marketing, Tips and Tricks
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When it Comes to Marketing… Measure Twice, Cut Once

The process of benchmarking, or measuring behaviors against a baseline, is recognized across many industries. Its value extends into marketing, where measuring target audience awareness, opinions, behaviors, etc. toward the goals of your marketing campaign before, during and after its execution can provide insights into campaign successes and areas for improvement. There are thousands of…
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AUTHOR Jenifer McAbee CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Marketing, Tips and Tricks
Thoughtful communications are critical during layoffs - Tall Buildings, High-Rise

Thoughtful communications are critical during layoffs

Careful planning and thoughtful communication are critical when conducting layoffs. Communication should start with the basics of any good communication plan – prepare and share the message. The challenge lies in the delicate balance of legal requirements and emotional care. Communicating during a layoff includes these stages: Direct, honest messaging is imperative. The company will…
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AUTHOR Kristi Desjarlais CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Marketing, PR, Tips and Tricks
Analytics and KPIs

5 Practical Steps to Tracking Your Brand’s Digital Effectiveness

Gone are the days of ROI guesswork for marketers. Digital platforms have brought real-time analytics, allowing for direct tracking of performance across these channels. Marketers can now target, analyze and optimize their messaging in real time. This also means that brands must approach digital channels as customer insight platforms that need constant attention, refinement and…
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Snap Your Way into Untapped Territory

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. All are social media sites that businesses actively use to connect with consumers. A platform that’s overlooked? Snapchat. With more than 100 million daily active users and more than 400 million snaps per day, it is the fastest growing social platform, and it’s one of the ways businesses can market themselves…
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AUTHOR Madison Hedrick, Intern & Micaela Benedetti, Intern CATEGORY Advertising, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks
Saxum Company Values

Core Values – What “Value” Do They Create?

Many companies, large and small, establish core values. Some are truly representative of the company’s culture, while others are set aside and rarely referenced. What are core values and why should an organization establish them? Are they a benefit or is this just a “trend” that has little significance? Core values are your common beliefs…
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AUTHOR Debbie Schramm CATEGORY Marketing, Tips and Tricks
Saxum_2016 Trends Blog

10 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a marketer – so many screens, so many opportunities to tell a brand’s story. Here are 10  marketing trends to watch for in 2016: Influencer Marketing – Beyond a traditional celebrity endorsement, consumers are looking at non-celebrity influentials (particularly on YouTube) to help make purchasing decisions.…
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AUTHOR Amy Blackburn CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Marketing, Tips and Tricks
Giving Tuesday

Making the most of #GivingTuesday and the holiday season

How nonprofits can maximize community support during the most charitable time of the year With the holiday season officially underway and #GivingTuesday upon us, it is easy for nonprofits to get caught up in the moment and forgo best practices when it comes to maximizing community support. While this time of the year elicits goodwill…
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AUTHOR Jenifer McAbee CATEGORY Social Good, Tips and Tricks