Three Simple Rules to Guide Your Website

When you Google “why it’s important to have,” the suggested search copy lists: 1) “friends” and 2) “a website.” Google tells us what we already know: it’s important to have friends and it’s important to have a website. Furthermore, organizations make friends by inviting them to visit online. While some organizations and many small businesses…
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AUTHOR Charity Jernigan CATEGORY Consumer, Digital, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks

Try Telling Your Story with Video

Video is versatile, flexible, vibrant and attention-grabbing. It’s cost-effective and it gets results. Does your marketing communications mix draw your audiences in by utilizing the power of video? Enjoy these clips from from Saxum’s archive of award-winning video campaigns. See how video draws you – the viewer – in, keeps your attention and tells a…
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AUTHOR Grant Zellner, Zane Rader CATEGORY Digital, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks

Ten Tips for Energy Communications

Overheard in energy circles, “Did you see today’s rig count?” and “What’s going on with WTI?” or perhaps, “Are the layoffs over?” What do these topics of the day have in common? They are all out of your control. What do you control? Your message. Here are a few communication tips to use to your…
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AUTHOR Renzi Stone CATEGORY Energy, Industry Expertise, PR, Tips and Tricks
Nurse giving presciption to elderly woman

From Best Kept Secret to Known Expert

It may not be as complicated as brain surgery or a heart transplant, but communication is a complex skill that takes years to refine. According to John Nance, professional speaker on patient safety, 75 percent of complaints in malpractice suits are due to a lack of communication. Though medically-trained professionals are infinitely talented in saving lives and…
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AUTHOR Rachel Hinderman CATEGORY Health, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks

Integrate, Don’t Isolate

We frequently advise our clients at Saxum that the departments within their company should not operate in isolation from other departments. This practice does not lend itself to a cohesive message or consistent brand, yet we see it happen every day. You’ve all heard the idiom, “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand…
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AUTHOR Lindsay Laird CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks

A Prescription for Mobile Health

Country music taught me that the only thing that stays the same is everything changes. The mobile Web is expected to reach 2 million users and outpace desktop Internet usage by 2015. Not all users will be younger generations; fifty percent will be over the age of 35. Today’s mobile Internet users are more and…
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AUTHOR Rachel Hinderman CATEGORY Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks