Year in Review: Best of 2016 Campaigns

So clever you wish you’d thought of it: Ikea Ikea is like Christmas morning – but on any day of the year. One simply can’t drive by Ikea and not get lost in the madness that lies in its midst. Ikea has always kept its advertising simple. True to form, Ikea introduced brilliant, simple ideas…
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AUTHOR Jenifer McAbee CATEGORY Advertising, Entertainment, Marketing

What Spurs Your Creativity?

At Saxum, we pride ourselves with creativity at our center. To some, creativity comes in a lightbulb moment and for others, creativity takes time. Looking for inspiration, I asked five Saxumites what they do to cultivate their creativity. Madison Bryan, Digital Strategist What spurs your creativity? “At work, it’s getting together and chatting with people.…
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AUTHOR Jenifer McAbee CATEGORY Advertising, Creative, Digital, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks

Looking Back: Celebrating Saxum’s History

We’ve been feeling especially reflective around here the last few weeks, as Saxum recently celebrated its 13th anniversary. To commemorate, we’d like to take you on a walk down memory lane to reminisce on a few of our greatest milestones to date. If you’re not familiar with our early history, you may not know that…
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AUTHOR Jenifer McAbee CATEGORY Advertising, Creative, Digital, Energy, Industry Expertise, Marketing, News, PR

Saxum named to Inc. 5000 list for sixth consecutive year

Saxum’s continued growth in energy and other key sectors translates to rise in rankings amongst America’s elite Saxum, an integrated marketing communications agency offering public relations, advertising and digital services, was recently named one of the top 5,000 fastest growing companies by Inc. magazine. The company recognized a 74 percent three-year growth. This year marks…
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AUTHOR Jenifer McAbee CATEGORY Advertising, Creative, Digital, Marketing, News, PR

Branding Q&A with Dan Martel and Chad Bianco

Branding. It’s one of the most important – and most misunderstood – concepts in the world of marketing. I sat down with a couple of Saxum’s branding experts, Dan Martel and Chad Bianco, to find out exactly why branding is so fundamental for companies today. How would you describe branding? Dan: It’s the single most…
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AUTHOR Madison Hedrick, Saxum Grad Fellow CATEGORY Advertising, Creative, Industry Expertise, Marketing
Measurement, evaluation, KPI, marketing

Does it Work?

Earlier this week, a few Saxumites and I met with a prospective client to go over a campaign we were pitching to them. About halfway through the presentation, the prospective client said, “This is all great, but does it work”? It was a great question. At that moment in the presentation, we were talking specifically…
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AUTHOR Lindsay Laird CATEGORY Advertising, Digital, Industry Expertise, Marketing, Tips and Tricks

Saxum announces new division focused on entrepreneurial clients

Specialty group, Lithos, will provide integrated marketing communications services Saxum, an integrated marketing communications agency offering public relations, advertising and digital services, recently announced the launch of a new division named Lithos focused on supporting entrepreneurial clients in Oklahoma. From start-ups to corporations, the Lithos division provides integrated marketing communication services, including strategic planning, branding,…
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AUTHOR Jenifer McAbee CATEGORY Advertising, Digital, PR

Snap Your Way into Untapped Territory

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. All are social media sites that businesses actively use to connect with consumers. A platform that’s overlooked? Snapchat. With more than 100 million daily active users and more than 400 million snaps per day, it is the fastest growing social platform, and it’s one of the ways businesses can market themselves…
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AUTHOR Madison Hedrick, Intern & Micaela Benedetti, Intern CATEGORY Advertising, Industry Expertise, Tips and Tricks

The Best of Super Bowl 50

Every year around this time, Super Bowl parties fill living rooms across the country. While some party-goers are religious football fans, some could care less about the game (yep, guilty). No matter which kind of attendee you are, I think we can all agree that we excitedly anticipate the commercials. This year, Super Bowl 50…
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AUTHOR Madison Henrick, Saxum Intern CATEGORY Advertising, Consumer, Creative, Digital

The Super Bowl of Advertising

Once a year, America comes together to cheer or jeer for two football teams as they battle it out to become Super Bowl Champions. Why do we all watch? Tradition. Habit. Half-time show. Any excuse to party. Or is it to watch the commercials? That’s it, the commercials! Major advertisers, as well as the teams…
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AUTHOR Dan Martel CATEGORY Advertising, Consumer, Creative