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Advocacy that motivates action​

With constant change in local, state and federal government, organizations – private, public and nonprofit – must understand the political landscape, manage issues within this environment and often develop advocacy efforts. Sound public affairs strategies are critical, and we work with your team to ensure you are ready to tackle adverse policies or launch effective advocacy campaigns.

Effective public affairs campaigns demand a variety of synchronized strategies. We help you form strategic partnerships with stakeholders who share your goals. We drive advocacy campaigns that motivate people to act. We develop effective communication tools and materials that fit your objectives and incorporate analytics and polling to track your progress. You won’t receive pre-packaged solutions at Saxum – you’ll receive the unique service your cause demands.


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Team Members

C. Renzi Stone
Chairman and CEO
Debbie Schramm
Ashley Wilemon
Senior Vice President, Public Relations and Public Affairs
Kristi DesJarlais
Senior Vice President, Energy Practice Lead & General Manager, Houston
Amy Pyles
Vice President, Digital
Houda Elyazgi
Account Director & Social Good Practice Lead
Lou Ann Lissonnet
Account Supervisor
Lacy Wulfers
Account Supervisor
Kate Cunningham
Senior Account Executive
Aran Bruce
Senior Digital Strategist
Conrad Kersten
Account Coordinator

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