Using a visual language to tell your story

What will it take to get your brand to the next level? One thing is certain – your brand has to stand out from the crowd, outshine your competitors and promote your advantages. Your organization has to entice your audience, make an impression and motivate people to act. The spark of creativity that ignites this fire for your brand comes in the form of effective creative work – from videos to displays, banners, brochures and business cards. More importantly, when an opportunity arises for your organization to do something that’s really innovative, you have to be able to deliver.

Saxum’s diverse team looks for ways to develop impactful messages that reach targeted stakeholders. Understanding that cookie cutter solutions lack the ability to retain an audience and make an impression, Saxum’s creative team aims to be bold. Anyone can create an image and call it creative. Saxum can deliver a clear and consistent identity that tells your organizations’ story.


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Rebrand, Website, Print
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Team Members

Dan Martel
Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer
Jessica Robbins
Senior Art Director
Chad Bianco
Senior Art Director
Tempie Farmer
Senior Art Director
Logan Walcher
Ivan Caro

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