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Corporate communication teams are responsible for positioning their organizations in a modern world in which communication is constant. Reputations that take years to build can be significantly altered, even destroyed, in minutes. Success depends on the ability to reach diverse stakeholders who expect timely, factual and transparent communications, customized and delivered on demand.

Today’s corporate communication team must anticipate and manage issues, provide counsel to company leaders, develop and implement strategies that achieve established goal and be accountable for results. Saxum has a track record of serving large and small public and private companies in a variety of industries. We understand your challenges and opportunities, and we place priority on being a true results-focused partner and complementary extension of your internal team.


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Team Members

C. Renzi Stone
Chairman and CEO
Debbie Schramm
Kristi DesJarlais
Senior Vice President, Energy Practice Lead & General Manager, Houston
Lindsay Laird
Vice President, Business Development
Ashley Wilemon
Senior Vice President, Public Relations and Public Affairs
Amy Pyles
Vice President, Digital
Melanie Christian
Senior Account Director and General Manager, Tulsa
Lindsay Vidrine
Senior Account Director & Health Practice Lead
Lisa Lloyd
Integrated Project Director
Lou Ann Lissonnet
Account Supervisor
Lacy Wulfers
Account Supervisor
Kate Cunningham
Senior Account Executive
Aran Bruce
Senior Digital Strategist

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