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“A brand is not what you say it is; it’s what they say it is.” – Marty Neumeier

Brands are defined in the minds of the people who encounter them. As brand developers, Saxum crafts the elements of a brand that give it personality, structure and longevity. Saxum’s art directors form the visual identity of brands via logo marks and other visual themes. Meanwhile, copywriters give the brands a tone of voice for use in print, digital, video and other messaging. Collectively, these components create a unique persona for your brand — one your audience can relate to.

Brand management creates “encounters” between the target audience and brand. As customers constantly evolve, so should a brand. Saxum’s marketing and insights strategists, media buyers and digital media content managers are constantly pushing the envelope to help your organization separate your brand from the competition.


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Team Members

Dan Martel
Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer
Amy Blackburn
Account Director, Media and Brand Strategy
Jessica Robbins
Associate Creative Director, User Experience
Chad Bianco
Senior Art Director
Ivan Caro
Logan Walcher
Jenifer McAbee
Digital Project Manager
Aran Bruce
Senior Digital Strategist
C. Renzi Stone
Chairman and CEO
Debbie Schramm
Amy Pyles
Vice President, Digital
Lindsay Laird
Vice President, Business Development
Ashley Wilemon
Senior Vice President, Public Relations and Public Affairs
Kristi DesJarlais
Senior Vice President, Energy Practice Lead & General Manager, Houston

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