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Build Your Professional Foundation

Toss your cap and raise your glass. Graduations are here, and so is summer internship season. It’s an exciting time of year, but also one that can be stressful for seniors going into their post-graduate careers, and anyone who is looking for a summer internship.

Here are a few reasons why internships are important in helping you take that step from classroom to board room:

  • Build a foundation. Not only do internships assist in fine-tuning and expanding the skills you have learned in class, they also teach important work-habits such as how to work in a collaborative environment and interact with co-workers on a professional level. Not to mention they ease you through that first time encounter with scheduling a meeting via Outlook calendar.
  • Gain experience. Increasingly, companies are looking for candidates with experience before hiring. Taking internships for course credit is a way to gain that experience while still enrolled. It also demonstrates to future employers that you can manage your time effectively by simultaneously handling a part time job and school responsibilities.
  • Test-drive your career. Internships are an opportunity to test out career paths and learn what is important when taking that next step to a full-time position. At Saxum, the leadership team and employees across the board have taken it upon themselves to create not only a fun culture, but also one where learning and growth opportunities are available.
  • Secure a full-time job. Most companies use internship programs as a hiring pipeline, especially for post-graduates. For example, over the years, 25 percent of Saxum interns and graduate-fellows have been hired on full time. Additionally, students with paid internships are three times as likely to end up with job offers.

This post was written by Micaela Benedetti, Saxum Intern


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