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Hillary Clinton’s Logo Presidential Announcement

The second quarter of 2015 signals the beginning of the 2016 election cycle. With each presidential campaign kickoff, Americans will be pummeled with messages and images across all media platforms from multiple candidates up until November 2016. Among these recent announcements, none has been more notable than Hillary Clinton’s. Following Clinton’s much-anticipated formal announcement, many…
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AUTHOR Will Hodges CATEGORY Consumer, Digital, Industry Expertise, News

Saxum Awards $50K Step Up Grant to Two Oklahoma Nonprofits

Step Up is our nonprofit grants program that provides pro-bono services to qualifying nonprofits with a primary goal of making an impact in the communities where the company operates. After launching in 2009, we are proud to claim donated services of more than $400,000 to 10 Oklahoma nonprofits.   For 2015, we are excited to announced that we recently selected The…
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AUTHOR Meridith Tucker CATEGORY News, Nonprofit, PR

Big Changes Coming to Facebook for Business

Two weeks ago, developers from all over the world met in San Francisco at the annual F8 Facebook Developer Conference to hear what Facebook would be rolling out in the coming year. Sometimes this is applicable to businesses and communications professionals, other times it’s a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo. This year, there were several key…
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AUTHOR Brandon Painter CATEGORY Consumer, Digital, Entertainment, News

Ten Tips for Energy Communications

Overheard in energy circles, “Did you see today’s rig count?” and “What’s going on with WTI?” or perhaps, “Are the layoffs over?” What do these topics of the day have in common? They are all out of your control. What do you control? Your message. Here are a few communication tips to use to your…
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AUTHOR Renzi Stone CATEGORY Energy, Industry Expertise, PR, Tips and Tricks

ADDY Awards Unite the Industry

Once a year, our industry has the opportunity to put aside our competitive nature and gather as friends to celebrate the blood, sweat and ink we’ve spilled. The Addy Awards remind us that in the end, we are all chasing after the same thing: excellence. Afterward, when the dust settles and the bottles have run…
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AUTHOR Aran Coleman CATEGORY ADDYs, Advertising, Digital, Industry Expertise
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We are The Order.

Creators of campaigns. Builders of brands. Artists, writers, photographers, and execs, our messages move the collective. Are you a member of The Order? Do you know one? Share away. #WeAreTheOrder P.S. Learn more about the making of The Order campaign in the days to come. PART 1 – The Idea Every year, in cities across…
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AUTHOR Jenifer McAbee CATEGORY ADDYs, Advertising, Digital, Industry Expertise

Saxum’s Hobby Lobby Campaign Shortlisted for In2 SABRE Award

Developing an interactive online platform around a controversial case is no easy task. When family-owned arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby stood up for the religious freedom of private, family-owned businesses, the Saxum team stepped in to help manage its online presence. Last month, Saxum’s innovative work was shortlisted for a 2015 In2 SABRE Award…
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AUTHOR Jenifer McAbee CATEGORY Consumer, Digital, PR