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Big Changes Coming to Facebook for Business

Two weeks ago, developers from all over the world met in San Francisco at the annual F8 Facebook Developer Conference to hear what Facebook would be rolling out in the coming year. Sometimes this is applicable to businesses and communications professionals, other times it’s a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo. This year, there were several key takeaways that all businesses should have on their radar:

Soon, customers will be able to directly communicate with representatives from your company through Facebook’s Messenger platform. In a subtle move that could essentially disrupt the customer service industry, Facebook will begin rolling out the ability to connect customers (as Facebook users) directly with the company through Facebook’s Messenger app. Facebook users will receive receipts, can change orders and file complaints through the app, in real-time.

Facebook is taking video seriously. Over the coming months, they will release several features that will allow greater control and customization. This is a clear move on Facebook’s part to go head-to-head with YouTube. They are counting views, allowing publishers to limit viewership and more – including something they call “spherical videos.” Your business may be able to stream live events in 360 degrees in the realistic future.

“Mirrored comments” will allow more engagement for your brand’s website using Facebook. Facebook understands that its success is directly related to the businesses and content publishers that use their site. Because of this, they have implemented technology called “mirrored comments” that will allow Facebook users to comment on articles shared on both your company’s blog/website and the Facebook page. The two platforms sync seamlessly and allow for people who are in either place to have a unified conversation.


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