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Audiences Crave Brand Authenticity

There is no shortage of information related to being  successful in business – countless webinars, YouTube videos, and social media experts claiming that their method will help your brand succeed. You’ve undoubtedly heard them: Work smarter, not harder. Create systems. Delegate, delegate, delegate. While each of these certainly has merit, and could easily help your brand be successful, what it all comes down to is authenticity.

Other businesses may sell what you sell, or have a similar business model, but even if there are thousands of companies that on the surface appear to be “just like you”, your business has an intricate story that no other business can claim. When true brand authenticity is revealed, customers have something they’ve never had before, and something they will never get again from anyone else.

There is nothing to be gained from being anything other than genuine. How are we to relish in success if the path there was not authentic? It is so easy to spend hours (days, weeks, years) comparing your brand to the competition asking questions like “Why do they have more Instagram followers than we do?” Or, “Why wasn’t I asked to speak on that panel?” It is important keep competitors in mind, but dwelling in Comparisonland is futile if you haven’t told your brand’s authentic story.

Being authentic can be scary – sometimes it means dusting off some cobwebs, or even forging a new, unknown path. As a business owner, the process can make you feel vulnerable – that you are open to judgment and ridicule. As strategic partners, we help brands uncover those stories and find true brand authenticity. It is the only way to differentiate in a crowded market, and ultimately connect with your target audience in a meaningful (and profitable) way.

At Saxum, we love partnering with brands to help them uncover a unique brand story. We then help brands tell that story by developing content and outreach strategies that will engage with target audiences, and ultimately get them to take a desired action. Keeping the story authentic to the brand and consistent through all audience touchpoints is crucial to engagement.


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