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5 Breakout Social Media Campaigns in 2015

1) “Tinderpet” — Columbia ADA

Creating Tinder profiles for the dogs was just a smart, unexpected idea. It grabs your attention immediately — Ivan Caro, Designer

The Columbian Asociacion Defensora De Animales Y Del Ambiente (Society for the Protection of Animals) launched an unconventional campaign on Tinder matching shelter pets with sympathetic social media users. Sancho BBDO Bogota led an effort to create hundreds of pet profiles featuring their best photos to match Tinder users with a different kind of partner. The team then engaged in one-on-one conversations with users, inviting them to visit the pets in-person.

Clearly, the campaign sought to raise brand awareness and even positioned this particular animal-focused charity as a forward-thinking, creative nonprofit. The push gained significant traction with over 4,800 matches and 4,200 conversations in the first week. Every pet with a profile was adopted and the society saw adoptions increase by 45% as earned media amplified the campaign’s reach through traditional and digital outlets across Columbia.

2) #MealForAMeal” — Virgin Mobile Australia 


The sheer scale of this campaign is cool. If Virgin had capped it at a small number of meals, it would not have worked as strongly. — Logan Walcher, Designer

Virgin Mobile Australia sought to raise awareness and expand brand loyalty for their service through their new “Making Mobile Better” campaign. To advance their brand’s consumer-friendly face, Virgin started a social media campaign promising to donate a real meal to someone in need for every food picture fans posted with the hashtag #mealforameal. The campaign continues to run across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Over 315,000 meals have been provided to date, injecting consumers directly into the philanthropic process and initiating new interactions with the brand. Virgin boasts the campaign has racked up over one million YouTube views and swelled to a Facebook reach of 45 million users. Across all three platforms, Virgin  reports more than 20 million interactions with fans around the world.

Even more interesting, the “Make Mobile Better” campaign has grown to include another component dubbed “R U OK? Day,” which encourages customers to focus on the relationships in their lives by stopping to call and connect with a loved one via phone.

3) Chobani Masterfully Engages 1:1


The Greek Yogurt company Chobani not only exerts a consistent, entertaining and authentic voice on Facebook and Twitter — its relentless dedication to outstanding customer service on both platforms stands out from the pack. Engaging with fans on a personal level, the account responds with obviously human responses ranging from a simple “We agree, Janet!” to a summary of the company’s position on GMOs. In one exceptional response on Twitter, the company responded to a disappointed customer missing part of their snack’s toppings by instantly offering to send the woman a replacement.

Clearly, the company’s social tour-de-force and shining user engagement is paying off. Chobani’s Facebook posts can often exceed 20,000 likes and hundreds of shares — which makes sense since the brand boasts over 1.1 million fans. Twitter continues to receive love as well with over 98,000 followers and 46,000 likes. The prolific Twitter account has pumped out over 138,000 tweets since 2010 and does not show any signs of a slowdown.

4) “Best In Bed” and Fan Unboxing Videos — Casper

I heard about Casper from podcast ads and hunting down their fans’ crazy unboxing videos of mattresses expanding from their box like a marshmallow in the microwave. It’s an off-the-wall side effect of the product’s packaging that’s allowed the company to spread through crazy fast word-of-mouth. — Matt Woods, Intern

Ecommerce mattress company, Casper, has recently leveraged Twitter, targeted digital placements and an immersive unboxing experience on YouTube to rapidly grow its brand awareness and integrate its social media marketing with advertising and PR strategies. Its hand-drawn graphics and witty, accessible tone instantly lends the brand relatable qualities that transfer fluidly between platforms.

A robust social push is paying huge dividends for the mattress startup, which earned $20 million in sales during its first 10 months according to Ad Age. Casper’s Facebook page has also grown to over 146,000 fans in a stunningly short period and over 24,000 users follow the company’s Twitter account.


5) GoPro Leverages Fan Content

By using their users’ content, GoPro is saying, “You can capture awesome footage too!” I think GoPro is a really smart brand. My favorite example is when they put cameras on top NHL players for an up-close view of the game’s grace and intensity. — Conrad Kersten, Account Coordinator

More than most consumer-focused companies, GoPro boasts access to a sea of unique user-generated content. An enthusiastic sea of self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies and adventurers churn out a daily crop of high-quality photos and videos, which the company shares with its vast following. This commitment to showcasing their product’s best — as produced by their raving fans — aligns excellently with strategic goals to drive word-of-mouth recommendations and expand brand loyalty.

GoPro Insta

Instagram and YouTube fit naturally with company’s visual-heavy strengths and the submissions from GoPro fans around the world routinely attract massive attention and viral engagement. One recent video showcases an Alaskan Grizzly Bear slapping away the camera against a scenic mountain background. From naturalists to skydivers and festivalgoers, GoPro’s versatile yet always visually striking brand thrives on the backs of its well-cultivated fan base.

More than 9.2 million fans follow GoPro’s Facebook page, while 7.3 million follow the company’s Instagram account. Today, over 3.5 million subscribers keep up with the official GoPro YouTube account.

Matt Woods, Saxum intern, wrote this post.


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