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10 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

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There’s never been a more exciting time to be a marketer – so many screens, so many opportunities to tell a brand’s story. Here are 10  marketing trends to watch for in 2016:

  1. Influencer Marketing – Beyond a traditional celebrity endorsement, consumers are looking at non-celebrity influentials (particularly on YouTube) to help make purchasing decisions.
  2. Digital Integrity – Building and maintaining a brand reputation online goes far beyond a website and clever status updates on social media. Consumers have the ability to find out exactly how their peers feel about a brand, and they rely on go-to sites like Facebook, Google and Yelp to read ratings and reviews. It is instant word of mouth.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility – According to Omnicom Group’s Cone Communications, 70 percent of Millennials will spend more on brands that support a cause they care about. That said, it is vital that brands are authentic in their support, as Millennials quickly identify a marketing ploy.
  4. Data as the Catalyst for Automation – “Big Data” was a hot topic in 2015 and shows no signs of slowing down. Now marketers are learning how to better use the data to automate customer relationship management. By modeling against existing customers, marketers can find better qualified leads faster.
  5. Facebook Video Ads – When it comes to video conversion, Facebook is dominating the marketplace because of its targeting capabilities. Facebook looks at users who have engaged with a brand and then targets potential new customers who have similar online habits. These audiences self-optimize, keeping the targeting methodologies fresh as your customer base grows.
  6. Location-Based Marketing – Utilizing iBeacons and radio-frequency identification (RFID), marketers create a real-time interactive experience. This is particularly impactful at events like conferences and trade shows, where attendees can easily share their experiences online.
  7. Exclusive Content – Rewarding customers who already love your brand with exclusive content or incentives increases your reservoir of brand advocates. Behind-the-scenes glimpses or videos telling the story about a product gives already-engaged customers even more to be excited about and share.
  8. Content Quality – Quality doesn’t always mean high-dollar, but the content has to be executed flawlessly. And if it can be video, even better, as it continues to be the reigning content king to engage consumers.
  9. B2B Marketing – Across mobile and social, B2B services will start to leverage more consumer-based tactics. Forbes reports that 70 percent of executives use smartphones and tablets to look up product or service information upon first learning of an offering. The lines continue to blur between work and personal media consumption, opening up new avenues for B2B marketers.
  10. Digital Advertising Cost Increase – The basics of supply and demand tell us that as demand increases, as will price. Knowing that the time spent on the Internet will only increase, combined with new competitors entering the market each day, digital media providers are responding accordingly by increasing prices.

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